I Breathed The Same Air as Michelle Obama

This is not a drill, and this is most definitely going to be the longest blog post I have ever written. Friends, friends, friends. It's been a long time since I wrote an actual story-of-my-life story here but GATHER AROUND because gai, this one is a wild one, and I really never esperred it. Let's… Continue reading I Breathed The Same Air as Michelle Obama


The Self-Care Series: The Endless Cycle of (Un)Productivity

I started this series with a spring in my step. Do you remember? I was waxing lyrical about storytelling, and mindful journaling and linking them to feeling Zen. Well, those are still valid, and by all means, keep doing them, but cracks have begun showing in the glass. Let's just say that I have learned,… Continue reading The Self-Care Series: The Endless Cycle of (Un)Productivity

The Self-Care Series: Intentional Journaling

I've kept a diary almost all my writing life, and every year since I was thirteen. Back then, they were simply private outlets for all the (petty) things going through my pre-pubescent mind. I still have a vast majority of those diaries, but I don't open them that often anymore, because how long can you… Continue reading The Self-Care Series: Intentional Journaling

The Self-Care Series: Books, Podcasts, and Musings

Here's that post on podcasts I've beenpromising, friends. A disclaimer, before we start: I love the smell of paper. I think that the smell of paper tells me a lot about a book. I can immediately tell if a book is pompous or inviting when I smell it. If a book smells like dog-ears, dust… Continue reading The Self-Care Series: Books, Podcasts, and Musings

Three Years!

We've been here three whole years, friends, can you imagine? I have written before, vaguely, about the dark space I was in when I started this blog, andhow goodit felt to have a space where I could just let my creative energy flow and take a life of its own, even though that initial blog… Continue reading Three Years!

taking stock (or another excuse for us to gather and publicly discuss our lives)

Feeling: very excited about this first taking stock as a 21-year-old! Realizing: that 2018 is almost over, and I can't even explain how. Wasn't it just the other day my friends and I were declaring 'money fall on you' on January 1st? Loving: this caption I read on Humans of New York, that talked about… Continue reading taking stock (or another excuse for us to gather and publicly discuss our lives)

how to dull the soul of a nation

1. you are taking a walk around the camp when you hear talk of the freedom fighters. they need food delivered, and people are mobilizing to get supplies to them. do absolutely nothing to help. pretend to be disinterested in the conversation because you aren't brave enough to do what they do, but make sure… Continue reading how to dull the soul of a nation

third time’s a charm?

Today I'm chilling. I'm seated crosslegged on a public bench, taking in the last bits of summer. It's not too hot, it's not too humid, the breeze is singing in my ear, as are Adam Levine and Cardi B. The air smells like flowers and contentment, like freedom. The lady on the bench next to… Continue reading third time’s a charm?

memoirs of a recovering people watcher

In my quest to avoid responsibility today, I'm sitting in the middle of Times Square trying to people watch. I am failing, because exactly 30 seconds after I said I'd stare at people and not my phone, I am...drum rolls please...on my phone. Oh well, I hope I at least look like a sophisticated New… Continue reading memoirs of a recovering people watcher

gratitude: a journal

(idea for this is fully borrowed from one of my favorite blogs, Alex Elle'sanother sunday. in this new year, i want to put out more joy and thanksgiving) this week has been a roller coaster of emotion. close your eyes, think of the entire spectrum of human emotion, and i've lived it this week. this… Continue reading gratitude: a journal